• Period
    January – December 2018 (Core period: September – November)
  • Organizers
    Culture Cities of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa Executive Committee;
    City of Kanazawa
  • Co-organized
    Agency for Cultural Affairs

Culture Cities of East Asia 2018 Slogan

People. Food. History. Crafts. Technology. Art.

Bringing all this together, Kanazawa wants to bring surprise and wonder to East Asia.

With the Japanese spirit of Kanazawa, and the circle that connects the people and cultures of East Asia, let’s bring into being a new kind of inspiration to the world.

Culture Cities of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa Theme

Creating the culture of the future, starting from Kanazawa
~New Potential of KOGEI – Art – Performance – Music~

Bringing forth new exchanges with East Asia through Kanazawa’s diverse culture, and generating innovation resulting from encounters between various cultures old and new, we will show how cultural arts are key to enriching a regional city.

Project Execution – 3 views

  1. Promote cultural exchange with East Asia, and transmit the culture of Kanazawa
  2. Cross-breed crafts with different fields of culture to create new culture and industry
  3. Nurture supporters of future Kanazawa culture

Project Plan

  1. Opening ProjectWe will organize an opening ceremony inviting representatives from Japan, China and South Korea, and hold several events to mark the start of citizen’s exchange, including outdoor exchange events and tea parties according to the three countries’ etiquette.
  2. Value Creation Multiplication ProjectWe will compose a program bringing forth new value by cross-breeding the cultural industry of crafts, symbolizing Kanazawa, with other cultures.
  3. Japan-China-Korea Cultural Exchange ProjectIntended to promote understanding of diverse cultures, we will organize citizen’s exchange and mutual dispatching of young people and creators based on the common theme of the three cities.
  4. Core ProjectOn the stage of the historically multi-layered town of Kanazawa, we will organize art events to bring out the respective charms of the contemporary arts and fine arts (such as crafts) of Japan, China and South Korea.
  5. Closing ProjectNext to the closing ceremony, we will evaluate the success of the Culture Cities of East Asia 2018, and hold a forum to consider how to advance the concept hereafter.
  6. Cooperative ProjectsTeaming up with already existing cultural projects, we will tackle the East Asian parts of the endeavors together in the spirit of the Culture Cities of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa.
  7. Citizen Cooperation ProjectsWe will recruit and carry out cooperation with citizens’ projects in order to stimulate participation to the Culture Cities of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa and to foster human resources for managing the art scene in Kanazawa.
  8. PR Cooperation ProjectsWe will cooperate with citizens’ cultural initiatives to implement mutual PR.